Customer Satisfaction

Our superior services are the outcome of a single purpose that drives every personnel at Buyb2c; customer satisfaction.


We lead the way with lighting support that is absolutely customized to provide the quality of lighting your space deserves.

Big projects that require intense time and skill management coupled with technical and design expertise are handled by our veteran team. Our experts follow a procedure to arrive at the best solution suited to illuminate a space keeping in mind budgets, aesthetics, and functionality.

Firstly we visit the site for a preliminary consultation; we obtain the architectural drawings and study the plan in detail with regard to elevations, lighting distributions, and overall design. We do an in-depth study of the space and calculate the lighting levels using software that builds the 3D structures and places the lights accordingly. We present a wholesome picture projecting each lighting piece to be used.

Known for speedy deliveries and prompt services Buyb2c has gained popularity in the region amongst customer that range from walk-in clients to big-ticket projects. Broadly, our services are categorized into:


Buyb2c team is always ready to help select fixtures that correspond to a client’s individual lighting needs, assisting them in design and installation, backed with superior technical support.